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Je demande mes Carrés Géants!

Carrés Géants is an ever-expanding collection of highly desirable silk scarves. The lavishly-sized scarf is the latest guilty pleasure in luxury, the bold heiress of one of world’s most-beloved types of accessories, the silk ‘carré’.

The square fashion item is as versatile as its lover wants it to be… whether elegantly draped around the neck, knotted around the head or lavishly thrown on a chaise longue…the radiant and explosive prints of each of the Carrés Géants are designed to charm and adorn as they effortlessly carry you from day to night.

The designer
Joost van Gorsel, also known as Mr. Iconique, is the designer and founder of the brand.
Renowned for the pioneering Iconique Fashion Magazine and his work in advertising, the collection of luxury scarfs and other products with the iconic prints form are a physical addition his spectrum.

“After years of online work and digital productions, I wanted to create a lush product that you can actually feel, touch and wear…”

Our lovers

Carrés Géants communicate a feeling of excess, ‘bravura’. Depending on how the scarves are worn they convey either a demure or daring statement.

Carrés Géants’ friends are bold, street-savvy and on the go. They are on the back of a scooter circling Place Vendôme, shopping in Shibuya or clubbing at Brick Lane. Some treasure their scarf with care, some spill their G&T on it.

The exclusive collection of silk scarves is for all who live life to the fullest. Our friends are free, they dare to be different and are passionate about their talents!

The unique Carrés Géants are released in collections entitled ‘désirs’.

Size Matters

We believe that ‘size matters’, that’s why our scarves measure 130 x 130 cm (51″ x 51″). Their luxurious size makes them a versatile accessory that can even be turned into a cute top, belt or headscarf.

Be creative, play around and be beautiful! Fashion is fun!


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